Pam Binder, President and Program Director, Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA)
“As President and Program Director of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, I have had the honor of watching William grow as an author and storyteller during our summer conferences and monthly meetings. William is a strong writer with a compelling, fast paced story. In the tradition of the novel, Watership Down, the Owl Wrangler is a must read for those who enjoy adventure with a splash of fantasy.”


Jack Vaughn, Technology Implementation Manager, UTEP
“Bill is a captivating author, his book is hard to put down. I only hope he continues to provide new material on a regular basis.” 


Robert Green, Product/Program Manager, Microsoft
“I have been reading Bill's books and articles for a very long time and have always been impressed by and tried to emulate his style. He starts with an understand of what people want and need to know and then delivers it in a straightforward, understandable and entertaining manner. If he writes it, it is a must read, whether technical or not.” 


Paul Sheriff, Speaker, DevConnections
“While I have just started reading "The Owl Wrangler", I love the writing style. It is a very engaging book right from the start. Keeps you wanting to read more. I know that when I finish, I will be anxiously awaiting the next books!” 




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