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Guardians of the Sacred Seven is Published

William Vaughn's second Novel is released to the public.

7/1/2012-- William finally published the second novel his much-awaited fantasy fiction The Owl Wrangler trilogy. While he's well known in technical communities for books like his Hitchhiker Guides series and many others, Bill has widened his audience by writing to a very different audience. His latest work "Guardians of the Sacred Seven" is designed to appeal to young-adult (and adult) readers who want to explore the hidden world of magic and the magical creatures that live deep in the forests all around us. Here's a brief synopsis:

Guardians of the Sacred Seven is volume two of the trilogy that begins after Hisbil has foiled a maniacal plot by the evil human Lord Lensmacher to steal the clan's magic. When he and his cohorts expose three traitorous members of the clan’s Council of Truth, they find their troubles have just begun. Hisbil’s clan is thrown into turmoil and a desperate struggle for power begins. Driven by raw lust for power and greed, it’s clear that the ousted council members will do anything to prevent the account of their misdeeds to be recorded in The Book of Truth—including silencing the entire village. Hisbil and his friends are caught up in their wicked plot until he discovers that his magical powers are virtually without limit—but at a terrible price that nearly costs everyone their lives.

We hope you enjoy it.

The Owl Wrangler and Guardians of the Sacred Seven are available on Amazon on either Kindle or Print-on-Demand.

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