Guardians of the Sacred Seven

Reading Group Guide Discussion Points

1.       In Chapter 1, what similarities can you draw between how the reporter for The Fox treats Hisbil and the way that media reporters try to shape the truth to their own purposes? How can we tell the difference between media outlets that pander to advertisers and ratings and those that would report whatís really going on in the world, our region and our own little villages? What has happened to independent media outlets? Were they ever independent and unbiased?

2.       Hisbilís clan purports to worship The Truth. Does their gossiping betray this faith? Do people in our Facebook/Internet culture pass along distorted truth? Do they just provide a sounding board for noisy radicals?

3.       Hisbil and Kassieís relationship is maturing. Are they moving too fast? Do teens tend to move more quickly into closer or intimate interpersonal relationships when their lives are full of stress?

4.       Weiger and Herangelica are both subjected to torture and imprisonment. Would you say that they are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Herangelica feels she must carry a knife. What should the others do? Should they just let her carry the weapon so she feels more comfortable?

5.       Hisbil discovers that his magical powers are robbing him of his youth. How does he deal with this reality? Does he realize that heís getting too old for Kassie?

6.       Weiger plays an increasingly important role in Guardians of the Sacred Seven. What is his new motivation? Is it simply devotion to Angie or something else?

7.       When Hisbil returns with his fantastic story, why isnít he embraced as a hero? What role does The Fox play in how the village treats him? Would you believe his story? How would you feel if he returned and told you that he had destroyed your villageís benefactor?

8.       If we had our own Sacred Seven Books of Truth and a Veritas, would we let her speak in public? Do we really want to know the truth?




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