The Seldith Chronicles

The Owl Wrangler begins The Seldith Chronicles series when the Seldith clan’s Owl Wrangler mysteriously disappears. His son Hisbil, a forest elf no taller than a mushroom, must take on this perilous duty or face exile from the clan. Trying to clear his father’s name, Hisbil gets help from his pesky little sister, who thinks she can heal with a touch; a pretty and clairvoyant classmate who can read Hisbil's mind; and an exiled clansman whose motives are far from pure. Armed with little more than a wand and a spell he’s never used, Hisbil and his Seldith cohorts endure a harrowing odyssey of danger, deception and battle until Hisbil finally discovers the real truth about his calling, his father and the Seldith clan.

Guardians of the Sacred Seven is book two of the series. Hisbil has just returned from his heroic adventure where he foiled a maniacal plot to steal the clan's magic. When he and his teenage cohorts expose three traitorous members of the Council of Truth, they find their troubles have just begun. The Seldith clan is thrown into turmoil, and a desperate struggle ensues. Driven by raw lust for power and greed, it’s clear that the ousted council members and their minions will do anything to prevent the account of their misdeeds being recorded in The Book of Truth—including silencing the entire village. Hisbil is snared in their wicked plot until he discovers that his magical powers are virtually without limit—but at a terrible price that nearly costs him and everyone else their lives.
Quest for The Truth is book three of the series. When umans wipe out one Seldith settlement after another, the elven survivors must renew their search for sanctuary. Among the orphans are Feesa, a faerie princess hiding among the Seldith, and Foucosi whose elven clan brutally persecutes her race. Somehow, she must find her way back to the faerie kingdom before the Seldith discover her royal identity. Angered by Tovenaar’s and Emperor’s malevolence, Weiger and Herangelica head for Shutz Norte while Hisbil tries to harness the Guardians’ power to galvanize the clan and lead them to a new refuge. Ultimately cornered by marauding umans, Hisbil finds the clan’s only escape means facing up to their own hatreds and love for The Truth.



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