William Vaughn (Grampa Bill) has written several books over the years, including children's stories and recently published book The Owl Wrangler. His children stories and books have entertained both his grandchildren and friends for years.

Born into a military family, Bill went to school in Germany, Thailand and Virginia. His own stint in the military, where he flew helicopters in Southeast Asia, allowed him to travel around the world including the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. From there he went on to attend Augustana College, the University of Kansas and Central Texas College and the University of Texas. The latter two being where his picked up a Texas accent that colors his speech to this day. He traveled the world throughout his career as a computer software professional and as a prolific author.

Bill and his wife Marilyn now call the Pacific Northwest their home. The window where he sits spinning his tales of Seldith clans and other children’s stories overlooks towering Douglas firs, cedars and the blackberry brambles described in The Owl Wrangler. While his wife hacks away at the blackberry vines, his twin black cats Ink and Mink keep him company as they stalk the evil ravens and chase squirrels off the bird feeders. And yes, they are very talkative cats--getting them to hush is a nightly problem when it's time for Bill to feed them supper, but he has heard a number of interesting and harrowing stories related to him by this adventurous pair of hunters.

When Bill is not at his computer composing light-hearted stories and The Seldith Diaries (the sequel to The Owl Wrangler), he is cruising the Alaska inside passage where he is constantly looking for Seldith encampments. He also enjoys photography--one magical photo is incorporated in the book's cover, and has created an extensive library of wallpaper photos. Is a coffee-table book in the future? Stay tuned to this site for news of upcoming publications.



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