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Author Recommendations:
Pam Binder, President and Program Director, Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA)
“I have had the honor of watching William grow as an author and storyteller during our summer conferences and monthly meetings. William is a strong writer with a compelling, fast paced story. In the tradition of the novel, Watership Down, the Owl Wrangler is a must read for those who enjoy adventure with a splash of fantasy.”
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Recent Reviews:

Bronson ««««« "Where does this Vietnam-era combat helicopter pilot come up with such a imaginative story line? Wonderful stories, well told and impossible to put down. 'The Owl Wrangler' will introduce you to the Seldith's world, where your imagination will learn to fly again. 'Guardians' will expand their world as you find yourself cheering those that follow and protect the truth. Mr. Vaughn is a gifted storyteller who grips your attention from the first sentence and leaves you wanting more. I look forward to reading the final book of this wonderful trilogy."

FarmMom: ««««« "As a parent of two girls, 8 and 11, I am selective of what reading material I allow them to read. This book meets with my complete approval and was a very enjoyable read for me as well. The story line is well developed and draws the reader to want to know more about the characters and find out what is going to happen to them as the plot unfolds. The book is full of fun characters and surprising twists sure to entertain boys and girls alike! The more adult political themes are transparent to the kids, but brings additional complexity to the adult readers. The children in the story learn important life lessons as they solve the, many times life-threatening, challenges that they face. I would recommend that you buy this book today! "

Dyan M. Garcia: ««««« "The Owl Wrangler is a great book for the family to enjoy. The book is full of symbolism that makes it interesting to read. The characters are fun and well-rounded, and the storyline is engaging. We can't wait for the second book! "

Kay Kendrick: ««««« "Thoroughly enjoyed reading The Owl Wrangler on my Kindle. There was one thing I didn't like. The sequel isn't ready yet. :)"

Mark Hansen: ««««« "What a wonderful book! I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and trying not to hurry to get to the next page, but it is damned difficult. You spin quite a yarn, my friend and it will truly go big. Congratulations."


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